Plan better events and watch your business grow!! 

2018 Business Leader of the Year nominee from the Halifax Chamber of Commerce!


Menna Riley, award-winning Event Management and Networking Expert, uses events to help businesses and organizations grow their core passions, client engagement, and profit margins.

With over 20 years of experience, she consistently delivers strategic, organized, profitable, creative, buzz-worthy events. 

Her passion and expertise extend beyond events… She is the founder and host of the popular women’s business events; Leading Ladies Networking, and has written and hosted her own tv program on event-tips. 

From mentorship, to business advisory, to event training and facilitation, Menna’s one true goal is to help grow your business using strategic event planning.

From designing my 10th birthday party (a backwards-themed party) where I had hand-written invitations in the mirror, and convinced my parents that eating the cake first was just part of the theme, (one of my 10-year-old self’s most brilliant hoodwinks), designing event experiences has always been in my blood.

At the heart everything I do, is an unparalleled passion for connecting people with solutions and helping them harness the power of amazing events to grow their businesses.


Want to Grow Your Business with Events?