Plan events that will keep them talking…

Menna knows first-hand that face-to-face events are the number one way to keep clients coming back, drive referrals and deliver new clients to your door.

After over 20 years delivering effective, unforgettable events for her clients, Menna is most passionate about working with organizations on the strategy behind what drives their most successful events.

This is not only due to her broad event management experience and obsession for providing her clients with concrete results, but due to a shift in the industry as a whole towards events leading an organization’s marketing strategy and budget.

Menna’s event management experience has spanned the financial industry, several world-class performance festivals and sport championship events including Tall Ships and the World Cup Equestrian Qualifying championships, the IIHF World Junior Hockey championships, within and alongside award-winning PR & Marketing Agencies, in the music and film industry, and she has managed some of the region’s most notable awards shows and corporate events here in Canada and also in New Zealand. She’s lent her talents to dozens of charitable organizations including over 30 charity golf tournaments, several high-profile galas, weddings and private events, and dozens upon dozens of corporate and small business launch and promotional events, and she’s managed two separate events with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

She founded the Leading Ladies Networking event series for women in 2012 and it has been going strong ever since, elevating the overall networking landscape for women in business in Nova Scotia. After countless testimonials from women who’ve attended, her events are proven to bring attendees new collaborations, clients and connections; the foundation that valuable, long-term relationships are built on.

Menna commutes to Halifax from her home in Lunenburg where she lives with her husband, Greg, and her three step-children, Adie, Willo and Wilder. She loves walking and biking on the trails and adores everything that living in a picturesque small town and Unesco World heritage centre has to offer. Her guilty pleasures include playing guitar hero, everything 80’s and of course, planning dinner parties with friends and family.

“From designing my 10th birthday party (a backwards-themed party) where I had hand-written invitations in the mirror, and convinced my parents that eating the cake first was just part of the theme, (one of my 10-year-old self’s most brilliant hoodwinks), designing event experiences has always been in my blood.

At the heart everything I do, is an unparalleled passion for connecting people with solutions and helping them harness the power of amazing events to grow their businesses.”

Want to Grow Your Organization by Planning Great Events?