What makes a Leading Lady?

Sometimes we’re a leading lady when we manage to avoid spilling coffee on ourselves on a Monday.

Sometimes it’s landing the biggest client in your company’s history. It’s drawing up a new five-year plan that would scare the crap out of five-years-ago-you. It’s turning down any offer that you know is not good enough. It’s eliminating the word ‘just’ from all your emails. It’s treating yourself and not feeling guilty about it. Sometimes it’s board games over board rooms and sometimes it’s quite the opposite. It’s about taking any opportunity to step outside your comfort zone – put yourself out there – and bask in the glow that is afforded only to those who truly go for it.

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Thank you to our incredible photographer, Chantal Routhier. There is something exceptional that happens when you are truly connecting and learning with others – and Chantal, you know how to capture these extraordinary moments. Thank you for being an undeniable leading lady.

We LOVE our home at, Lot Six Bar. Manager Sarah and her award-winning barkeep team keep us happy and our glasses filled while we sample hors d’oeuvres, grow our networks, collaborate with business owners, connect with those outside our industry and celebrate each other’s successes.

We had so many envy-inducing prize sponsors, show them some love: Lot Six Bar; WiredFlare; Vitality Medi-Spa; Atlantic Fashion Week & The Nook Espresso Bar & Lounge.

November is our last event of the 2017 calendar year…

January 2018 will bring us a new year, and improved twists on our already successful Networking events. The momentum has built and next year, our official 5th year, will be our most successful yet! You can count on the same powerhouse Leading Ladies Networking energy with some big surprises!!