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Overcome overwhelm and sharpen your networking & self-presentation skills


We Will Cover:

  • First impressions and your personal brand
  • Breaking through the pre-networking anxiety
  • Top 5 networking fails and how to avoid them
  • Business card best practices
  • Pro-tips for remembering names
  • Insert or remove yourself from a conversation
  • Best practices for following up with leads

What You’ll Get out of this Workshop:

  • Go from I could do better-land over to I’m doing my best-ville
  • Style yourself in alignment with how you want to be perceived
  • Access inspirational resources to help you shine at all your events
  • Take part in results-driven strategic exercises and activities
  • Practice common networking scenarios in a safe environment

Establishing your Personal Brand:

  • Note: This particular module is not always available.
  • Natalie Owens, owner of Stil James, a personal and home styling business, will be joining us for a fun and interactive Do’s & Dont’s of how to dress in the professional world to ensure that the confidence you want to present is reflected on the outside
  • Natalie will answer all of your style-related questions and provide an up-to-date look on functional and modernized wardrobe options, customized specifically for the Halifax working professional

What You’ll Want to do Immediately After this Workshop:

  • Book a dinner meeting
  • Go for a job interview
  • Get new business cards
  • Update your LinkedIn
  • Change social media profiles
  • Book your next networking event!

Meet our Experts

Menna Riley

Networking Expert

Spirit Spa

Get Polished

Chantal Routhier

Professional Photographer

Natalie Owens

Personal Style Expert

The Nuts & Bolts

We will address your mindset with a Rise & Shine exercise designed to get you to identify all the thoughts and feelings that bubble-up when you think about networking.


You will get strategic tips on how to break through pre-networking anxiety by walking through the Top 5 Networking Fails and how to avoid them (with stories & examples). We will also help boost your confidence with an exercise designed to bring out your strengths (particularly when you feel tongue-tied or you’re getting a touch of ‘get-me-outta-here’ fever!


We will cover everybody’s favorite: how to insert and remove yourself from a conversation without feeling super awkward (though examples and practice situations).


NOTE: We are not interested in overselling this workshop. We are managing the max number of people who can attend so you will be able to learn in an intimate, safe environment – with time for individual questions and attention.


Personal Stylist Natalie Owens will walk us through a “What Not To Wear” specifically designed with the Halifax Professional in mind.

Because really, Halifax has it’s own thing going on #amiright?


We will give you Business Card & LinkedIn Profile best practices to get you representing yourself professionally – and in a way that feels genuine.


BONUS: If you book when we offer our spa services and professional headshots package you get 3 different posed photos within 3 days. Check out these examples:

We will cover Best practices for following up with leads after networking events & Pro-tips for remembering names


AND of course – we will do some situational networking where we give you common networking challenges and you work through them with your new skills in a safe environment – instead of trying them at a real networking event for the first time


BASICALLY you’re going to walk out of this workshop with a newfound confidence and comfort about how you present yourself professionally – and that has a direct impact on the types of genuine connections you will make. And isn’t it really all about the relationships?


Why Not Wing-it?

Want to learn to fly a plane? Become good at anything? You have to prepare and practice.

Our workshop is packed with exercises, activities and proven tools, followed by a trial networking event so you can practice your skills in a safe environment and see instant results.

Go from THIS:



“I used one of the tricks taught in this workshop when preparing to speak at a Facebook conference and it totally worked! I was afraid I would forget everything I wanted to say but this trick made me feel comfortable and confident!”

Brigid Milway

Social Media Expert, Brig-ital Media



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