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Many people who ambitiously decide to take on the task of event planning and marketing for themselves find out all too soon what’s really involved…

Have you been there?

Can’t figure out the financials to maximize your event’s profit? 

Ticket Sales dying a slow death? 

Not sure how to effectively engage your audience with a Call to Action?

Can’t muster another year’s worth of energy for your event?

Menna managed the 2016 Halifax Chamber of Commerce Fall Dinner, an event that attracted over 800 business professionals. Her talent and poise for event management was evident on day one. Menna built and fostered relationships with a variety of key stakeholders and her careful attention to details allowed us to execute a premier quality event, with her leadership.

Our members and guests praised the quality of the event for months – not days or weeks – but months after the fact.

I would trust Menna to manage any of our events, large or small with complete confidence.

– Becky Davison, Marketing Manager, Halifax Chamber of Commerce 


It’s absolutely crucial to set measurable goals for your events. How else will you know if it was all worth it? Events are about so much more than a bottom line.

They’re about stakeholder perception, invaluable networking opportunities, marketing your company’s brand, and so much more.


There’s a tried-and-true formula to balancing event budgets that begins with understanding your break-even strategy. If you struggle with any of the financial aspects of event planning – you’re not alone!


It’s fun dreaming-up all the details but when your tickets go on sale, you hear crickets and get discouraged. You struggle to find a solution and quickly get overwhelmed… How well do you know your audience?


You allot 60 hours of time to pull off the company golf tournament – Little did you know, it will take over 160, and you’re behind the ball before they even yell ‘fore‘! 

Make sure your next event showcases your company in the best light possible.

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