There are moments that shape you 

There are people who shape you

They make up the experiences that shape your world

They all make up who you are…

Your energy

Your drive

What makes you tick

What makes you sparkle

Escape the everyday hustle and bustle

Create a special moment in time

for you…


Create a retreat that is an offline extension of both your business and your heart,

something that inspires you & your clients alike

Connect with what matters,

With what nurtures your spirit

and ignites your inner fire

light that mother up 🔥

Now, take a breath,

It’s possible.

It’s actually possible and profitable and fun and amazing and wow – you can do this!

You can almost taste it!

And I can help make sure none of those ‘oops‘ moments happen.

The ‘if only I brought this‘ and ‘if only I had a magic wand for that‘ moments.

Click here to find out what I brought on a family tent camping trip when I was 12.

We stayed in a tent. I brought a telephone. And a light bulb.

I used them both!!!!

So, if you’re still here, my guess is that you fall into one of these categories…

You are an entrepreneur who knows it’s the perfect time to plan a retreat for your business – you’ve got a steady audience and you can figure out most of it but just need a little help with DIYing the tricky parts. Click here to access my Retreat Planner’s Paradise marketplace.

You’re an established entrepreneur who has her shit together enough to be too busy or just too (dare I say it) not interested in learning anything new right now 😜 and want someone to do it all for you – I create a custom retreat package for your business and attend to extend the hospitality experience so you don’t have to worry ’bout a thing.  There’s only so much of me to go around and I can only accept a limited number of retreat planning clients per year. The current year 2016 is full. Limited spots for 2017 and 2018 remain. Please click here to submit your inquiry.

Or, maybe you’re a different kind of customer altogether – one who definitely knows retreats are for you, but the other two categories just aren’t your bag baby. If that’s the case, click here!

For the rest of you who may have found yourself here accidentally, maybe you’re looking to go on a retreat? Here’s a dreamy, awesome perfect retreat that I highly recommend, and if you have attended any retreats you’d like to recommend please send them to me here! 🙂

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