Us business ladies tend to make our own luck, but luck has nothing to do with why we choose to meet at Lot Six. We just had to make this place our home with on-trend hors d’oeuvres, sumptuous beyond-belief cocktails and impeccable service. Their award-winning team is the only thing that outshines their enchanting atmostphere.

If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? If us ladies show up to network without the photographic stylings of the lovely, talented (and super sassy) Chantal Routhier Photography did it even happen? What’s more? She put together this dynamic video above, highlighting how electric Leading Ladies is and we couldn’t be more proud!


You know we have the uber professional Chantal Routhier at all our events to capture us looking oh-so-fab exchanging business cards (and hopefully between snagging some delectable nibbles from Lot Six). Here are Chantal’s pics from the November event – and if you have your own please share on Social Media with Hashtag: #LeadingLadiesHfx 

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