Speaking of Events…

Speaking Topics Include:

Events: The Often-Overlooked KEY Ingredient to a Flourishing Business

Up-Level your Event Planning with Free Resources & Apps

I HATE Networking: Dial down the Cringe and turn up the Results

Menna works with entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to harness the power of well-planned events to save precious time and become more profitable.

Menna demonstrates the significant value events can bring your business and shares stories of notable event experiences spanning her 20+ year career.

You’ll gain insights into how much more your company can achieve – and you’ll get bonus planning tools like the Experience-Building Cheat Sheet.

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Menna is an event planning and networking guru with over two decades of experience under her belt (ps, she doesn’t wear belts). She is an advocate for strategic events and networking as key tools to grow your businesses. Connecting face-to-face with customers and clients is the best way to build and retain relationships and loyalty.
Menna runs powerhouse workshops for event planning training, and networking skill-building and is the proud founder of Leading Ladies Networking.
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