Snag a ticket for our final event in 2018 before we’re SOLD OUT!

Your ticket gets you a welcome cocktail, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, opportunity to rub shoulders with the city’s movers and shakers, chance at amazing door prizes and complimentary consultation time with 4 powerhouse Wing Women!!

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In September, our fabulous four Wing Women were Lindsay McPhee, Sarah Hart, Hariette Schumacher and Maggie MacGillivray! 

If you want to dine and sip in style, check out our partners, Lot Six Bar & Restaurant! And if you are looking for headshots, check out our incredibly talented photographer Chantal Routhier – we appreciate you so much!

Want to be a featured future Wing Woman? Know someone who you’d LOVE to nominate? Apply here: Wing Woman Application

WING WOMEN is the newest, coolest addition to Leading Ladies since we added a complimentary welcome cocktail? 

Thank you to all the powerhouse women who attended. Did you make a fabulous new connection? Land a new client? Make a new BFF? We’d love to hear about it – please share your success stories here and you could be featured in a future testimonial ?

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