Thank you to our official photographer Chantal Routhier who captured of all of you connecting at our April 2019 Networking event!

A special thank you goes to our powerhouse Wing Women:

Ashley Innocente, Jolyn Swain, Collette Robert, and Elizabeth Shaw

We are so proud of our Wing Woman program which brings an extra special element to the networking experience; a safe place to land if you shift conversations and find yourself conversation-less, your networking ‘safety net’. AND they are all experts in their field, so you get to take advantage of the chance to connect and get some complimentary consultation time.

WING WOMEN is the coolest addition to Leading Ladies since we added a complimentary welcome cocktail. Want to be a featured future Wing Woman, or know someone who you’d LOVE to see? Apply here: Wing Woman Application.

Every event just keeps getting better and better – as I announced at our January event, there will only be 4 events in 2019! That means there are just 2 left!! Why? Because our leading ladies chefs are cooking up something HUGE and we need to make way for it!

Want to book your next event, hot date or business-besties-night-out at Lot Six? Click here to inquire.

Thank you to our rockstar venue: Lot Six Bar & Restaurant. We are obsessed with your incredible cocktails and hor’s doeuvres *especially our freshly-schucked oyster bar*! You truly know how to keep us all happy.

And a special thank you to Maclean Smith and Courtney Jane who graciously greeted everyone at the door with a smile.

If you’re not already, make sure you’re part of our network: 

Menna knows first-hand that networking is the #1 way to drive referrals and new clients to your door.

Acquiring new clients is more complex and costly than ever and making sure you’re networking effectively is more important than ever. 

Book Menna to do a presentation, lunch & learn or as a guest speaker at your next conference, visit the speaking page and email your inquiry.

Did you make a fabulous new connection? Land a new client? Make a new BFF? We’d love to hear about it – please share your success stories here and you could be featured in a future testimonial!

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